Preventative Maintenance and Remote Monitoring

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Ensures equipment is ready to support your workforce

Proactive workspaces will ensure continuity of service, one of the many reasons why Mi Insight is an essential tool. This new addition to Mi Services will monitor all AV and UC&C systems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will also monitor software codecs such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom clouds in real-time, all from one single computer.

Mi Insights puts your AV estate into context with full visibility of all assets and how they are operating with the additional benefit of AIOps - workflow automation that acts on errors as they happen in real-time.

AV & UC service management without friction

Mi Insight lives on the AV network, securely monitoring AV and UC&C equipment, tracking status, health and usage. The cloud service collates the feedback online from each piece of equipment consolidated into a single dashboard to view and track sites anywhere in the world.

Automated resolutions

When a problem occurs on a device, Mi Insight can send automated responses to devices in a fault state to resolve the issue through runbook actions.

In real-time, the system helps action resolutions and improve service levels and uptime. All actions are logged and tracked giving operators full control to get things working faster

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