Desk Booking App

Search and book a workplace

Configured non bookable desks are not shown in the app so cant be booked

Find your colleagues and book a desk nearby to work together

A  Workplace booking means you have access to the building

Advanced Hot Desking

Simply touch in and out with RFID access cards

Smart technology that's easy to use

LED display shows when desk is booked (red) or free (green)

Pre book a desk from the app prior to visiting the office 


Mapping gives a visual display of all the available desks and meeting rooms. Users can then find a colleague and book a desk close to them. Maps can also be linked to wayfinding digital signage screens directing employees and visitors to the correct desk or meeting room


Real estate is the second largest cost for most businesses. People counting and proximity sensors help you anticipate your current and future  workplace needs and decide where to reduce or increase your office space

Please click on the link below to see how sensors can help a safe office re-entry


Administrators are provided with access to real time data analytics reporting platform, which enables up-to-the-minute visual dashboards and data export reporting capabilities.